There were a set of drums in the 90’s. I enjoyed my lessons, as my teacher was young and cool.

I’m now a DJ but I’ve been interested in writing and performing music for many years. I also now manage The Independence Party. My aim is, via fundraising and DJing, to invite people to engage with the concept of ‘interdependence’.

There were a set of drums in the 90’s. I enjoyed my lessons, as my teacher was young and cool. The famous Dave Tolan.

As coincidence has it, I have recently been in touch again with Dave, via email. Apparently in the last 25 years he has established a music studio in Manchester, drummed for Jonny Marr and started to lecture at Salford University! When I new him he lived in Sale with a basement studio, which is where I ‘worked’ on work experience at 16.

I used to help him at his gigs. I remember one at Jabez Clegg in Hulme and at Rockworld on Oxford Road. I also remember having a slight brush with my famous heroes – The Charlatans shared our rehearsal space once and Dave’s girlfriend was Denise Johnson of Primal Scream.

My kit was a quite impressive vintage Sonor Lite kit (7 piece cherry red beauty) although the garage soon became a post pub party room, rather than a serious studio space. I did get a band together and sometimes practice in there and although we were collectively charismatic and talented, things didn’t work out for us. Big up Nick Wilson, John Thornton, Gary and Brian McClure.

In ‘97 I started University in Bristol and although the kit came with me (and filled my attic bedroom) it was the beginning of the end for my career as a drummer.

In ‘98 after dismally failing the first year after putting in minimal hours (again sorry mum and dad) I landed back in Manchester plotting my next move. Cue Performance Technology at City College Manchester. This time I was keen and graduated having worked in studios and around live sound desks.