A year (-ish) from the start of lockdown and again I am in the garden enjoying some early spring sunshine.

I am feeling fatigued after a poor nights’ sleep but I am also feeling energised by the thought that soon, I will have a pass out of Cheadle and on to Hopes Carr in Stockport.

My condition is progressing as expected. I am still doing my daily walks although I am getting slightly slower and on my left side, weaker. As such, I “qualify” to move into new accommodation.

This new accommodation will be fully accessible (i.e. wheelchair friendly) and I expect it to be a far cry from this place – and hopefully fully soundproofed!

Right on cue, in the “assessment officer“ Rachel from Stockport Homes, has just phoned. She tells me that I can view the property this Wednesday the 31st March at 12 pm.

She tells me that the occupational therapist has already allocated the properties according to need – so I look forward to starting the next chapter of my life elsewhere!

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Tom Llewellyn

Hello! My name is Tom Llewellyn and I’m a former long distance runner. In December 2010, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Several years later in November 2017, I was re-diagnosed with a progressive form of the condition. I now use a walking stick to get around. I write about my journey with the condition of MS – and also of life – documented over the course of several years. Much of the subject matter is about my scars and my healing. Not forgetting Public Enemy and DJing!