Today is the unhappy anniversary of the lockdown. And Boris was on TV again last night further curtailing our liberties as a result of a steep rise in infections.

Reading between the lines (and especially as he used the word spiritual in his address) the carrot which I think he is dangling is the avoidance of another full lockdown over Christmas.

He announced an increase in fines for those who are flouting the mask rules and places where wearing a mask will be compulsory.

New measures mean that pubs and bars will need to lock the doors by 10 pm and his main weapon in the fight against coronavirus seems to be the compliance of the public.

I remain risk averse and have chosen to minimise my activities beyond these four walls. He rightly said that your personal risk is also your grandmas risk so I wonder if this renewed encouragement for a community mindset can encourage a Buddhist principle.

We are all in this together!

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Tom Llewellyn

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