Function over form

Function over form

I’m sitting in my new wheelchair in the spot where I decided that this was the direction I was going to take my life, a few weeks ago. It’s a beautiful sunny day. The ducks are out, as is the black coot.

I wanted to write another post to outline my new development. I got here by virtue of a new car (well new to me anyway). I’m driving my dads VW Touran, as of today. The wheelchair fits in the back of the car.

Obviously, having a slight OCD affliction, I took it straight to the car wash. I closed my nose to the doggie smell (as beautiful as she is) and proceeded to the park.

I chatted with some guys on a park bench, having a beer in the sun. I explained to them that I was a learner driver and they gave me stories of MS from their own experience. They offered me a beer but I declined, I am keen to ride round the lake and then get back home.

It feels like quite a day. I have transitioned from an ‘able bodied’ man to a disabled man. I’m much more comfortable now. I want to thank all those people who contributed to my new chair. You know who you are. I owe you my (new) life.