Wheels of Steel

Wheels of Steel

Today feels like a significant day for me. I am waking up to a new dawn of no DJ decks and the purchase of an electric wheelchair!

I decided to put my decks on eBay last week as I just wasn’t using them. To be honest, I never really was. They sold last night for £176. So packed them up and shipped them out this morning, catching the post office as it opened. I then rushed back and prepared for the morning session of my retreat. This, after only seven hours of fairly broken sleep, is my reality today.

The reason for my lack of sleep is another spate of late night eBay activity. I bought myself some new wheels! I was the highest bidder (the only bidder I think) for a funky looking electric wheelchair. After my purchase, my mind was turning over about how I could customise it. Not content with a transparent green walking stick, I thought about a sticker “wrap“ to make the chassis appear like carbon fibre. What a show off I am.

It strikes me that I have gone from ‘serving’ to ‘being served’. Or from active role to passive role, at least physically. Psychologically and spiritually, I’m going great guns (which, ironically, has been the means by which I have made this transition).

I will report in later posts how my new approach works out. The chair will arrive, hopefully, on Friday.