Sense of humour bypass. Check!

Sense of humour bypass. Check!

It’s 2 am and I’m awake once more. Inevitably under the circumstances, insomnia has greeted me again.

I know my body by now and I know what triggers my problematic sleeping. My brain!

I have had two hours precious shuteye and am now awake again in my bed. I sat upright like a zombie, thinking that I had some more Escitalopram pills in my bag (the antidepressants that I take). Unfortunately this was more like a dream than reality as a check of the bag found no such pills.

So now I’m awake. Facebook checked, email checked, WhatsApp checked, tins stacked. I might as well go the full way and crank up my DJ decks and start playing some Public Enemy now.

The last bit was a joke. I’m starting to become excited about this book so it’s you, the reader, that is to blame for my wakefulness. Sense of humour bypass. Check!