Writing my book

Writing my book

Well considering the whole country is in lockdown as from today, I am in very good spirits! The sun is shining and I’ve eaten both my breakfast and lunch out in my back garden whilst chatting to my neighbour. It’s March 2020 and a very strange time indeed. Boris Johnson has said that we should all be remaining within our houses (with the exception of ‘key workers’ such as nurses and supermarket staff) due to the outbreak of coronavirus. I think to myself that they weren’t considered to be so ‘key’ just a few weeks ago. Maybe after this madness has subsided then they can get a big whopping great pay rise. Hey Boris?

I have been deliberating over this book for a good while now. They say that everyone has a book in them and I thought I would take this time of enforced quiet to write mine.

I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2010 and I’m coming up to my 10 year anniversary with the condition. That falls at Christmas- well on the 30th of December to be precise. Back then, I was diagnosed with “relapsing remitting“ MS which was fairly uneventful for the first few years. My life and my work continued as normal. I was diagnosed with “secondary progressive“ MS in November 2017. I reacted to this news by handing my notice in at work the very next day and deciding to “live my best life” (as my kids would say).

Anyway, back to my deliberations. I have, prior to putting pen to paper, set up a website about this book, written a Facebook post saying that I would start this book, told friends that I would start this book and asked an author friend about writing a forward for this book. Now to write this book. But first for some tomato soup which I’ll have at the end of the garden.

That proceeded a typical event in my life and quite apt I suppose. I was carrying a plant pot to the table when I lost my balance and fell. This is not an unusual occurrence for me and I had to reassure my neighbour (who I had only known for half an hour).

To proceed with courage and caution is an expression used in Yoga. It is said that you are typically, either on the courage side of the spectrum or on the cautious side by nature although best to be in the middle! I am most definitely on the courage side (or stupid side) more to follow with my account of 10 years with Multiple Sclerosis. For now though, I will make a brew. More delay, FML.