Inspired ❤️ I can’t take credit for this unfortunately.

Choose life.
Choose hand sanitiser.
Choose face masks from poundland.
Choose more Andrex than a family can use in a year.
Choose a fucking big sack of rice from that weird ethnic aisle in the supermarket.
Choose tinned tomatoes, painkillers, bottles of water and electronic thermometers.
Choose your health, just yours, fuck everyone else.
Choose to stare at anyone who dares to cough with a look of pure hatred but not actually say anything.
Choose to stay at home.
Choose to avoid your friends.
Choose to cancel your holiday and unpack your fucking luggage.
Choose Ocado, Just-Eat and Amazon prime.
Choose a DIY hazmat suit wondering if you should start going to church on a Sunday morning.
Choose self isolation, sitting on that couch all day watching BBC news channel for the latest fucking death count.
Choose rotting away until the end of it all, pishing into lucozade bottles so you don’t have to use the same toilet as the selfish bastards in your house that aren’t being as thorough as yourself.
Choose your future.
Choose life.
I chose not to choose this life… I got a fucking grip!

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Hello! My name is Tom Llewellyn and I’m a former long distance runner. In December 2010, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Several years later in November 2017, I was re-diagnosed with a progressive form of the condition. I now use a walking stick to get around. I write about my journey with the condition of MS – and also of life – documented over the course of several years. Much of the subject matter is about my scars and my healing. Not forgetting Public Enemy and DJing!