Biotin trial for MS halted

Biotin trial for MS halted

So I was called on Wednesday by Liam from the trials team Salford Royal Hospital. He is an okay guy but I don’t particularly respond to his bedside manner. To be honest I much preferred his more attractive predecessor, Nicola!

After 1000 steps I like like I’ve done 100,000

Nonetheless, it was the Liam who delivered the “not so good” news. He told me that the sponsor had requested a “data lock“ earlier in the year and decided that, from the analysis, they were going to stop the trial and that my next appointment would be a “termination appointment“.

This news, although not entirely unexpected, was disappointing. i’m learning to live well with my condition and so this setback hasn’t rocked me too badly. if anything, I feel thankful that I have had the benefit of regular MRI scans and contact with the neurologist. I’ve also been wearing a Fitbit for the last few years so have that data now.

As my dad sometimes says, I will travel optimistically. I’ll also keep meditating, obviously!

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