I’ve invested in some CBD paste and I quite like it!

It’s not proving to be effective sleep remedy for me although it does reduce my anxiety and makes my muscles soft.

Problem is, it’s so expensive so I think this purchase won’t be repeated in a hurry.

I could have paid £125 for a higher grade remedy although I thought £85 was more than enough for this trial.

The assistant in Dr Hermans recommended that I buy it for my sleep. However, just after my card transaction was approved, she mentioned that a lavender aromatic oil would be equally as effective!

I take one blob in the morning and one blob at night, scraping a bit onto the roof of my mouth from my tongue. It tastes vile so I have to have a digestive biscuit or a cup of tea to hand after I have taken it.

Conclusion. I can feel the beneficial effects on my immediate symptoms, both psychological and physiological. However this is unaffordable for me at present. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get it on prescription soon.