An accidental all-nighter

An accidental all-nighter

Sleeping has always come naturally to me. My life until fairly recently, was punctuated with a regular and restful routine.

Now however, sleep has well and truly deserted me.

A whirring mind exacerbated by my MS, my lack of shuteye from dusk til dawn makes me wonder just what I can try next to earn some z’s.

I’ve tried Co-Codamol, meditation, yoga, even 5-live with decaf tea – which I thought would be a certainty – but still nothing.

Consciously, Im aware that as soon as I stop trying to get there, I’ll get there. However my subconscious mind is still tick ticking away.

As well as being truly knackered out now, I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. Worry pains!

I’ll give it until 4 when, if still wakeful, I’ll call it morning and make my porridge.

One final thought though – CBD. Despite being expensive from Dr Herman’s – may be my last chance of rest and respite!