The formation of a new government

The formation of a new government

Today Boris Johnson was given a new mandate to form a government.

Being a moderate ‘remainer’, reliant on a stable NHS and the welfare state, this prospect initially filled me with horror.

However on reflection, I have become more relaxed.  I have my Buddhist belief and support of my Buddhist friends to thank for this.

In the words of the Buddha himself,

‘Old, outdated views that lead to manifestation of suffering in the world will die with those who hold them. If we can, one by one, get closer to Natural Law and common sense, then maybe, just maybe something new maybe born. It starts with our own minds…change our minds and the World will change with us’.

And my friend Vishangka in the Triratna Buddhist order commented,

‘All we have are the three jewels. That’s all we can take refuge in – wisdom and compassion. We can’t take refuge in politics or personalities. They will always betray us. All we can do is deepen our metta for everyone and deepen our understanding of conditioned existence.’

‘All I’m saying is we can’t go for refuge to politics . That was what i realised after my parents died is that politics didn’t have an answer to death. It was only the dharma that gave me an answer to that.’