Yo Garth! Show me the ropes

Yo Garth! Show me the ropes

It was last Friday that I was literally stringed up! As part of the restorative yoga class that I attended with Garth McLean, I spent most of my time upside down, believe it or not.

We focused on inversions where your heart is higher than your head in order to pump fresh blood around your brain. This not only relaxes you but enables the brain to guard against potential new lesions forming (which is advisable in a neurological condition like MS).

Prior to the class, I noticed a guy next to me hanging upside down. This kind of occurrence is not unusual in the kind of company that I keep so I was not surprised. But it was a good icebreaker and I soon got talking to Colin.

Colin is, unusually perhaps, a yogic builder! He proclaimed the benefits of hanging like a bat and offered to install some ropes in my flat so I could have a go myself my downtime!

I obviously agreed to this and he came round a few days later with all the bits and pieces and install the ropes.

I will start using these initially under supervision as I don’t want to fall on my head. I know the technique although perhaps my body is not quite there yet.