Yo Garth! I feel brilliant!

Yo Garth! I feel brilliant!

I’m back from my yoga class now and I feel brilliant! I now feel like I’m breathing into different parts of my lungs. Very strange but true and completely relaxing!

We were mainly doing inversions – where your heart is higher than your head – so you get fresh blood to the brain.

It must sound bonkers but I’m completely hooked. I was even talking to someone about a fitting wall bars in my flat so that I can hang upside down more often!

As well as hanging upside down I also did shoulder stand, downward facing dog and twisting work whilst lying on a bolster.

The fan boy that I am, I got a selfie with the man himself. We did some small talk (Extinction Rebellion as he noticed my T-shirt).

I then drove back in very rainy and dangerous conditions on the roads with which I was unfamiliar. So I guess my tension levels are now raised slightly.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I will have trouble sleeping tonight! Correction