Fatigue and insomnia

Fatigue and insomnia

One of the most difficult things about this condition is that I am fatigued all through the day and then awake at night.

I’m member of the MS UK Facebook group and my predicament is very common. We’ve even got a little ‘sub group’ called the 3am Club as bizarrely, this is the time that insomnia strikes in many MEer’s experience.

I have tried to negate this in recent months by using cocodamol which is admittedly not healthy but helpful to ‘knock me out’. That is at least, until recently. I think my system is now used to it and so my mind is whirring and finger tapping as I document this!

I’ve tried and tested various things to allow me to get some zd’s. These range from meditation to horrible pills that smell like dirty socks. This week I was even practicing yoga in bed – inversions – with a bolster cushion along my spine to raise my heart above my brain. This was on the advice of my yoga teacher and worked well, that is until my phone buzzed with social media. D’oh!

Ironically my writing of this isn’t helping right now so I’ll sign off. Maybe I’ll write more later. Maybe I should keep my phone out of the bedroom at night. Hmm ????