Stone Steps

Stone Steps

Guess where I am. The Scottish Highlands? The French Alps maybe? In fact I’m just an hour outside of Manchester, down the snake pass in the beautiful Peak District. It’s a lovely sunny day too.

I’m on a short Buddhist retreat, the theme being – and this is ironic – the Buddhist take on illness and recovery. I’ll spare you further detail. Just to say that the study text is called ‘A Case of Dysentery!’

Luckily I don’t have dysentery, but my MS has gone crazy.

I picked my friend Chandana up from Stockport before driving here yesterday afternoon. On arrival and just after this picture, I very nearly fell down some stone steps. Luckily for me, my friend Rory broke my fall! Sorry Rory.

As we settled in with cups of tea and chickpea curry, I nursed my body which was now slightly bruised. Despite this, my aches and pains were gradually soothed by the beautiful surroundings and talking with my friends.

However during the introduction by the retreat leader, my sensitive system decided to malfunction once more. This time it wasn’t my balance, but quite suddenly, fatigue completely engulfed me, so I was helped back to my room – thanks Kevin! Again though, our root was via the notorious Stone Steps.

It’s now 5.30am and I need to be up in half an hour so I’d better sign out. I won’t be using those stone steps later today. Goodnight!

Are you interested in trying out mediation as was led by Mahabodhi on the retreat? Please see below for a recording of the Sunday morning session.